• Dynamic 450

    Flexible and precise even at max load! by DTA
  • Dynamic 450

    Flexible and precise even at max load! by DTA

An easy, flexible and precise wing

The Dynamic 450 has been designed to maintain a great ease of piloting and a wide speed range whatever the load onboard ...
It offers an exemplary damping in turbulence. This kite makes it possible to land and take off on very short ground even at maximum load and to fly serenely at high speed with a moderate consumption of fuel.
  • Surface

    15,50 m 2
  • Wing span

    10,2 m
  • Minimum speed (stall)

    50 km/h
  • Max. speed (VNE)

    160 km/h
  • Max. mass

    472,5 kg
  • Empty weight

    59 kg
  • Overall height

    2,70 m
* refer to the technical brochure to have the full specifications and legislation of each country for maximum permissible masses at takeoff.

Lightness, precision and safety

The Dynamic 450 was chosen by Olivier Aubert, and by many other pilots in the world, for their raids.
Tested at 472.5 kg, it will equip 912UL and 912ULS engines.

Technical details

Equipped with the Speed System (DTA patent) modification system in centering flight, you will effortlessly enjoy all of its speed range.

With its maximum takeoff weight of 472.5 kg, it is the ultimate travel wing for anyone who wants to leave with a co-pilot and a lot of luggage.

Rates and documentation

The DTA wings are tested and settled in flight at Montélimar before delivery.

DTA understands that every customer is a unique project. For this reason we organize and treat each request in a specific way with all the attention that is due to it.
It is in "project mode" that we formalize this relationship and we are committed to producing very complete machines in their series configurations so as to process each project faster and ensure a more competitive price than our dear competitors with identical configuration

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