The range of wings DTA

Since 1996, DTA offers a wide range of wings. Each of them has its specificities: velocity of the MAGIC without mast, perfect balance of the DIVA, agility and ease of the DYNAMIC 15/430, serene and efficient behavior of the DYNAMIC 450 even at 472.5 kg ... to you choose


The practical and powerful wing without mast by DTA

Thanks to its surface of 12 m2, it is particularly light when driving even under muscular conditions.


12m2 of talent, the perfect balance by DTA

With the Diva, you will have a new pleasure to drive! DTA opens a new dimension of ULM pendular flight combining speed and real off-road use.

Dynamic 450

Flexible and precise even at max load! by DTA

The Dynamic 450 has been designed to maintain a great ease of piloting and a wide speed range whatever the load onboard ...

Dynamic 15/430

Lively, agile and easy to drive ... by DTA

You like bright, fast and efficient wings, try the Dynamic 15/430, you will have a great pleasure to drive it.

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